What we are

Zodiac Advertisers, the largest manufacturer of POP materials and Corporate gifts in the region, operates from business capital of Kerala, Cochin (Kochi). Being the front liner among innovative sales promotion material manufacturers, we serve a large number of clients from all fields and prompt them to attain new heights in the business for a long period of 30 years now. In 1987 we started our journey and our vast experience gives our valued customers, the strength to overcome the hurdles to post their products in the top. We are aiming at quality, innovation, trust and reliability in our products. So our clients are getting the value of money that they are spending to promote their brand or products.

Our company has the blend of traditional ethics and professional approach. This winning formula gives us the edge to perform up to the level of expectation of our clients. Our client range includes multi nationals, corporate, semi corporate, medium / small enterprises and new comers in the business.

What we do

We are manufacturing and supplying all types of Corporate Gifts, Point Of Purchase materials (POP), Point of Sale Materials (POS) , Sales promotion Materials, Outdoor Advertising Materials and Indoor promotion Materials.

We have exclusive gallery for POP material and displayed 200 different varieties. Our POP material displays include Products like Canopy, Tent ,Promotion Desk (Square, Round, Shape, Demo Table With Umbrella), Banner Stand (Rollup Stand, X Stand, Rollup Stand Double Side, Aluminium Stand Double Side, Tabletop Aluminium Rollup Stand, Tabletop X Model Stand), Umbrella (Promotion Umbrella, Umbrella Stand), Shop Front Boards (Tin Dealer Board, Shop Board Backlit , Shop Board Frontlit, Wallboard, Big Back Drop), Banners (Drill Cloth Banner, Pvc Banner, Flex Banner, Photo Printed Foam), Danglers (4 Side Pvc Cube Dangler, 3 Side Dangler, Pvc Dangler, Flex Dangler, Pvc Flag Shape Dangler(Two Side), Paper Dangler),Dispensers (Packet Display Stand, Brochure Dispenser, Product Dispenser, Hanging Packet Dispenser, Book Dispenser, Magazine Dispenser, CD Dispenser, Magazine Stand, Jute-Wood Dispensers, Leaflet Dispenser, 3 Side Leaflet Dispensers, Menu Stand, Bottle Dispenser , Acrylic Dispenser, Mobile Dispenser, Multiuse Dispenser, Plastic Coated Metal Magazine, Display Board), Light Boxes (Glowsign, Slim Glowsign, Poster Chanigng Glowsign, Hip Glowsign, Hip Moulded Glowsign, AB Glow Moulded Glowsign, Hip Moulded Glowsign, Rounded Hip Moulded Glowsign, 3 Side Hip Glowsign, Changing Poster, Led Display), Scrollers (Vertical Wall Scroller, Floor Model Scroller), Balloons (Pvc Balloon Roundtype, Oval Type, Sack Type, Cylinder Type), Streamers (Paper Streamer, Pvc Streamer, Flex Streamer, Foam PVC Streamer), Vehicle Display (Auto Side Cover, Auto Back Side Cover, Car Sun Screen, Scooter Stepney Cover, Flex & Pvc, Photoprinted Foam Pvc, Scooter Stepney, Pvc Jeep & Sumo, Stepney Cover, Flex Jeep Stepney Cover, Photoprinted Foam Pvc Jeep & Sumo Stepney Cover), Boards (Rigid Plastic Soard, Rigid Plastic Multi Colour Pasted Board, Corrugated Plastic Board, Fibre Foam Board, A Board), Mobile Charging Station (Mobile Charger, Mobile Phone Charging Station), others (Cut Out(Floor,Tabletop), Lama, Arch, Flags(Floor,Tabletop), Drop Box, Menu Stand, Notice Board)...

According to specific requirement of each customer, we are manufacturing customized products in advertising materials which meets the unique purpose of sales promotion through brand publicity.

We are having vast range of Gift & promotion materials like Household Gift (Coffee Mug, Glass, Cups & Saucers, Snack Box, Set Items And Bowls, Containers, Lunch Box, Casserole, Tray, Dinner set, Steel Products, Glass Ware, Cookware Set, Thermal Rice Cooker, Milk Boiler, Milk Pan, Idly Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Spatulas, Fry Pan, Tawa, Kadai, Biriyani Pot, Flask, Jug, Bottle, Electric Kettles,Electric Cooker, Mixergrinder, Toaster, Induction Cooker, Coffee Maker, Air Fryer, Juicer, Grinder, Sandwich Maker, Electric Iron Box, Roti Maker, Electric Oven, Fans, Vacuum Cleaner & Airpurifier, Personal Care Products, Tissue Holder, Tea Coaster, Soap Dispenser, Ashtray, Knife, Ice Bucket, Hand Blender & Lighter, Mat, Tablemat, Coir Floor Mat, Candles), Handicraft Gift Items (Handicraft,Bamboo Products), Art Gift Items (Photo Frame, Coir Art, Oil Painting, Paintings, Wooden Engraving Art, Wooden Art, Glass Painting), Food Gift Items (Tea & Coffee Gift, Chocolate, Spices, Nuts & Dry Fruits), Watches & Clock Gifts (Table Clock, Wall Clock, Watch), Table Top Gifts (Multipurpose Table Top, Pen Holder, Mobile Stand, Novelty), Pen Gifts (Pen-Plastic, Pen-Wood, Pen-Paper, Pen-Metal, Pen With Box), Stationary Gift (Paper Weight, Paper Clip, Slip Box, Writing Board, Stationary, Lens & Magnifier, Table Calendar, Wall Calendar), Book & Diary Gift ( Diary, Organiser, Telephone Index, planner, Notepad & Notebook),Trophy & Memento Gifts, Key Chain Gifts, Baggage Gift, Pouch Gift, Torch & Lights Gift, Mobile & Mobile Accessories Gift, Computer Accessories Gift, Clothing Gift, Sports Goods & Game Gift, Seasonal Gifts, Gifts etc… These serve the need of sales promotion through building relationship in business.

We have Exclusive Display Gallery for Corporate gifts and advertising Materials. It displays around 10000 different varieties of Gift items and advertising materials. These are available in price levels starting from Rs 5 onwards. Innovative products are displayed to choose from a vast collection which suits the exact requirement of our customers. POP and GIFT DISPLAY galleries are in under one roof.

We are very much aware of the importance of Seasonal sales promotions. For each season we have Corporate Gifts and Display materials matching the theme and essence of the occasion. These Gifts can be given as part of special sales schemes also. For us each customer is a special case and we will come up with a tailor made solution for each of them.

Our GIFT categories include

  • Special Gifts - New Year, X-mas, Onam, Diwali & Ramsan
  • Events Gifts – Marriage, Birthday Gifts, Wedding Anniversary , Meeting & Conference

Why us

For a manufacturer or supplier, his success depends on convincing the importance of his products to customers and make them aware of the special features of his products. Product branding and Brand promotions are important in this concept. Relying on our vast experience of 30 years in this specific field, we can guide our customers. We are showing the paths to our clients to reach the mind and hearts through product awareness campaign supplies and establish a relationship which lasts for ever.

We as a leading player in this field lead our clients giving utmost care to perfection for your sales campaigns through our innovative products resulting in expanding the horizons of your business. We ensure perfection in, even minute details of sales promotion articles as well as sales promotion campaign materials. we are specialized in customized gifts & Customized promotional material. We have the facility to supply the materials at Pan India & abroad.

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